Hazel eyes are beautiful but can be hard when deciding what color palette of eye shadow to use. This is because it’s a combination of brown and other hues of blue, green or yellow. Hazel eyes seem to change color as they reflect light making then appear to be of different shades. Let’s give some more tips for the best eyeshadow for hazel eyes.

Best Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes

Earth tones always look great. It’s a universal color for all hazels whether bluish, grays or greenish. They give a neutral look and bring out the brown flecks and rings and add depth and warmth while keeping your look subtle. The best shades of brown for hazel eyes are burnt sienna and chestnut colors.

Green eye shadow especially olive or emerald green make your eyes pop. It draws attention to the non-brown hues of your eyes. Make sure to choose a color that matches your eye color for the perfect look.

Purple colors eye shadow for hazel eyes matches best with a hazel that’s mostly brown or green. Dark purples compliment dark green hues and add depth and intensity to your eyes.

One of the best colors of best eyeshadow for hazel eyes is either bronze or gold. Bronze and gold are good for all kinds of hazel because they accentuate the brown in the eyes. Add a bit of shimmer to give it a zing especially for night wear. A dark bronze that tips to red complements blue specs in your eyes while a dark bronze is complementary to for green.

Other colors that go well with hazel eyes are pink, gray or silver. Pink brings out the different greens; gray brings out the blues and silver eye shadow makes blue hazels seem bright and crisp.

The color to avoid is blue. Blue shades of eyeshadow for hazel eyes make them appear dull by highlighting dark lines beneath your lids. Hopefully these tips on what color eyeshadow for brown eyes will help you to get the best results.