Creating the perfect make-up look for brown eyes is fun and easy. This is because natural brown eyes are permissive when it comes to choice of color since brown doesn’t have a complementary or opposite color on the color wheel. For the best make-up look, one has to decide on a color and idea to fit the occasion. So here’s our makeup tips for brown eyes.

MakeUp Tips For Brown Eyes

To get the appropriate make up scheme, you have to start by determining your shade of brown. This will ensure you get the most flattering look for your skin tone, hair color as well as your eyes. For light brown eyes its best to use yellow-based shadows or champagne to enhance the golden or hazel specks in your eyes. Medium brown eyes take up about any color beautifully but look most especially great with green. For dark brown eyes, medium to dark ranges of colors and one can use bright colors that most women would not use.

The perfect colors for brown eyes comprise of dark shades of brown, plum and purple, dark blues, green, mint, moss, vanilla, peach, gold and champagne. Light colors bring out and maximize the size of your eyes while darker shades contour and minimize the look of your eyes. The best makeup tips for brown eyes is to combine light neutral shades e.g. pink and taupe for light brown eyes with yellow highlights. Minimal use of darker shades around the crease area will ensure not to overpower the shade of your eyes. The make up you apply to your lips and cheeks should be neutral to bring out your eyes and give you a natural look.

Since medium brown eyes, since any color can work, use of violet, green and bronze-colored eye shadows are okay to play around with. One can also combine a variety of colors to give a multi-dimensional look. Darker colors like gray, browns, purple and navy go well with darker brown eyes. Carefully examine the flecks of your eyes to pick a lighter color to line the base of your eyes.

Makeup For Brown Eyes Technique

The best eye makeup for brown eyes technique is to use lighter eye shadow from the lash to the brow, medium shades in your crease and blend using upward strokes. Dark shades should only be used on the corner of the lid and appears better with shimmer eye shadow. Application of dark colors on your brow bone give you a dramatic look while lighter shades give you a lighter, natural look.

For eyeliners, the golden rule is, the darker your eyeliner the darker the darker the shade and vice versa. For an intense look, solid gold and bronze eyeliners are the best to use. Choose metallic hues to amp your evening look. Make sure your brows are neat and tidy and use the exact shade as your color to fill in the sparse spots for a fuller look. The recommended makeup tips for brown eyes when doing your eyelashes is to culr them well, and coat with waterproof mascara for a added volume of length. To achieve a neutral look use a brown mascara and for a dramatic look use black or navy blue.